Early ALS Signs That People Often Miss

I can remember the day when I attended the 2017 Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis Conference. The sky was cloudless; I was in the company of amazing friends. They were as curious as I was about Lou Gehrig’s disease and wanted to know more about it.

The primary thing that I learned during the event was that not all symptoms would fit all. Some patients might deal with muscle weakness, while others might have a speech impediment. Not everyone experiences such indications early, either.

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When it comes to ALS, you should not merely dump a bucket of ice on your body to show empathy. Beyond that, you need to ensure that you are free from its symptoms. Otherwise, the illness may creep up on you unexpectedly and prevent you from living your life.

Here are a few ALS signs that people often miss.

Sudden Vocal Pitch Change

One of the first indications of the disease is a sudden vocal pitch change. The patient has technically gone through puberty already, so there is no regular reason to deal with it again. 

Inability To Lift A Small Object

Lifting an object that is as lightweight as a pencil is never an issue with healthy folks. The muscles in your fingers can quickly work together to take the pen off the table.

However, having Lou Gehrig’s disease increases the task’s difficulty level. It is as if you are a toddler with not-so-refined motor skills. You keep on dropping the pencil or unable to lift it altogether.

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Leg Immovability

ALS patients experience leg immovability in the early stages, too. No matter how you think of walking from one room to another, your lower-body muscles won’t cooperate.

If you notice these changes in yourself or a loved one, you should inform the family doctor ASAP. They are the best people to advise you on how to move forward, figuratively speaking.