Ways To Potentially Prevent Getting Multiple Sclerosis

I went to the 2019 Multiple Sclerosis Event with my mother, expecting to learn more about her disease. You see, she had an MS diagnosis not too long ago, and no one in our family knew anything about the condition. All we knew was that it made breathing, seeing, walking, and even remembering for Mom, which was scary.

From what I understood in one day, multiple sclerosis is impossible to predict. It is not curable, either; the doctors can only offer short-term relief with their treatments. The only silver lining is that the specialists have mentioned some potential ways to prevent multiple sclerosis.

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Try Fasting

Fasting is an ancient practice that religious people do to exchange worldly habits with prayers. Even non-religious folks have adopted it to speed up their weight loss. Now, experts are looking at the probability of cell regeneration while fasting, which may help reduce the symptoms of autoimmune disorder.

Take Vitamin D 

People say that the easiest way to get your daily dose of vitamin D is by lounging under the sun. If there is not much sunlight in your area, or you don’t have time to do so, you can take supplements. Either way, studies suggest that the vitamin can shield you from multiple sclerosis by boosting your immunity.

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Drink Coffee 

Based on research, coffee is not only for the individuals who need to wake up in the morning or stay awake at night. It is supposed to be ideal for preventing MS development, too. But contrary to popular belief, caffeine is not the one to thank for it. The credit goes to coffee’s other compounds, so don’t think that exchanging the beverage with soda will do the same trick.

Final Thoughts

We can only help our loved ones with multiple sclerosis to stay healthy to keep their immune system from attacking their cells. If we also want to avoid acquiring this condition, there is no harm in trying the tips above.

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